What a Winter!

None of my friends have asked to spend even one hour out with us on a landscape job for months!

But Spring is a-coming. Haven’t you seen those daffodils popping up? It’s a sure sign winter won’t go on forever!

I love Spring bulbs. They have been highly valued as far back as the Egyptian Pharaohs. After European explorers brought them back from Africa and Asia, the Dutch people mastered their growth. In the sixteenth century, a single tulip bulb might be sold in Europe for $30,000.00

These colorful Spring bulbs are full of lessons. Did you know that inside that bulb the entire plant is made in miniature? They have little stems, leaves, and roots – and even its flowers perfectly formed.

The bulb has carefully stored enough food, called endosperm, to grow and develop until it breaks ground and can feed itself through photosynthesis.

These bulbs remind me of our precious children and grandkids. They’re forming beautifully, preparing to bless us all with their smiles, laugher, talents and gifts.

Let’s recommit, friends, to do all we can to provide great examples for these children, living lives worthy of inspiring their hearts and imaginations.

And let’ grow some tulips and daffodils they can pick to gladden all our hearts.