Landscape Design

AJL sees the design process as a collaborative effort between the client and our company to help put what is in your heart or imagination on paper. We can serve you with basic sketches or detailed computer aided drafting.

For some people this can be a difficult process trying to articulate what is in their heart. We desire to listen first and move at the pace of the client. We start with an initial meeting which is of no cost to see if there is a good fit with our services. We then proceed with an initial sketch to make sure we are capturing the overall vision and goals. If things are moving in the right direction we then meet again to add a new layer of detail.Full landscapes can take up to a month to develop, as it takes time to go through 3-4 meetings and needed design time. Our hope is to move steady and insure there is agreement throughout the process. We will move at your pace.

In the final 2 meetings we will build a rough budget for the project to allow the client to adapt any needed aspects of the design. We don’t want to design a project that you don’t desire to build or can’t afford. We then set up a timeline that will allow the homeowner or business to plan the stages of the project for the future.

The creative process is fun and takes patience, but if done well is very worth it for years to come.

What Are Dreamscapes?

We take your DREAMS and turn them into a tangible landscape design. Your dream becomes a Dreamscape.